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Da Dip Foundation was founded and created by the Multi-Platinum producer/artist Eric James aka Freak Nasty in 1998. With the success of  his global hit song entitled "Da Dip" he traveled the world to see homelessness, poverty, unfortunate people and wanted to do something about it. The foundation is about helping those in need in more ways than one. We are currently in the process in getting our 5013c but in the meantime we team up  with other organizations and continue to help in ways we can. We have donated clothes money time etc. Mr. James recruits celebrities, family, friends and all who will put in their time to help and show love. He always say " If he have the knowledge and information about showing someone  a better way, he feels its his job and obligation to spread what he knows and lend a hand. He is a very humble person and God has put him here with the will and talent to share and help others.


We help Find Shelters

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Here are some of the many charities we support

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